Monday, February 7, 2011

See the RTTP Class in Action!

"I recently completed my first trip to Haiti as a Health Volunteer Overseas instructor in the Rehabilitation Technician Training Program. I found comfortable accommodations in Kay 7 on the HAS campus, and wonderful food cooked by Edith. I was privileged to begin the third class of RTTP students at HAS, and recognize that a lot of work preceded the first class session in selecting these students. The students expressed a desire to help others and recognized the need for rehabilitation services in Haiti. I found the students inquisitive and open to learning, so it was fun to work with them. I admire their spirit in traveling distances to get to class and learning new information through an interpreter. The needs of the people of Haiti are great, and I believe that the RTTP program meets some of these needs and improves the quality of life for many."

--Toni Sanders, Instructor
Rehabilitation Technician Training Program
HAS Haiti Rehabilitation Services Integration Initiative

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