Tuesday, October 2, 2012

HTRIP September Highlights.

Dear Supporters,

Mathurin Dorcèus, Albertini Alexandre, and 
Mondèsir Shellon put faith in their fellow 
technicians to guide them to hidden treasures 
across the beach in one successful 
team-building game.
September has been an exciting month for everyone involved in HTRIP. Our mountain farmers found consistent afternoon showers which will help the roots of their recently planted trees have the strength to endure the upcoming dry season. The HTRIP staff continued a tradition team building at Indigo beach. Finally, HTRIP supporters in Pittsburgh and the Program Manager were invited to a wonderful Gala featuring great music, food, and art.
A tradition started by Starry Sprenkle in 2006, the entire HTRIP staff gather at Indigo beach to partake in team building exercises and perhaps more importantly an opportunity to escape the routine and enjoy a day at the beach together. HTRIP participants entered their third lesson of the monthly education cycle which focuses on tree care. We continued compost-building konbits which will provide high-quality soil in preparation for this year’s tree nurseries.
In order to maintain a positive relationship with all HTRIP communities, HTRIP provides a small amount of budgetary and advisory support for leaders from communities that are no longer engaged in monthly education sessions but wish to continue their relationship with HTRIP. A checkup meeting on the “graduated” leaders from the 2006-2007 community leaders who have formed an organization with monthly meetings independent of HTRIP revealed progress on their fruit tree nursery is coming along.
Julson Pharèlus chats with the 2006 
community leaders of Laròk and Anje 
on the progress of their fruit tree nursery.
The 12th annual H’Art and Soul of Haiti Gala was held at the WQED in Pittsburgh and welcomed over 400 Haiti enthusiasts. It was a great pleasure for the Program Manager to see the other side of the HTRIP program and our great stateside support network. Melissa Sanon, HTRIP supervisor, was also given her first test running the project on a day-to-day basis and did a wonderful job. As always, genuine thanks to each and every HTRIP support from all of down here in Deschapelles.
The HTRIP Staff

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