Monday, September 17, 2012

2012 H'Art & Soul of Haiti Entertainment Profiles: Thank You Rosekind

“In an age where the musical spectrum ranges radically between overblown party anthems and lyrics bogged down by ennui, Thank You Rosekind’s heavily layered and melodic music is infused with a rare, non-eye-roll-inducing enthusiasm you can dance to.”   
— Emily Currier, Impose Magazine

Image courtesy of Impose

The Friends is thrilled to welcome Thank You Rosekind to Pittsburgh, to perform at our twelfth annual H'Art & Soul of Haiti Gala. For more information about this event, or to purchase tickets, click HERE!

Thank You Rosekind is comprised of artists and musicians, Michael G. Bauer, Joel Chartkoff and Calpin Hoffman-Williamson. Developed from a concept by Bauer in 2009, Thank You Rosekind performs an ongoing series of songs expressing gratitude to people, places and things. The band has strived to create motivationally-based pop songs that highlight human achievement and positive functioning as a means to promote the continual thriving of individuals, families and communities. Critic Sarah Renee Lehrer-Graiwer describes their music as, “restrained, yet spaciously layered  electro-pop dreamscapes that are simultaneously airy and watery, blissfully weightless and grounded in minimal bass lines. With titles like ‘Drive Your Dreams,’ ‘Be Bold,’ and ‘Emanation,’ this album Attention Intention!  is effective for everyday happiness and enlightenment.” TYR’s punchy optimism, paired with their infectious pop styling gives the band an irresistible energy that we are certain you’ll love! 

For music & more info visit or click HERE to listen now.


Michael G. Bauer is an interdisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. Through a variety of media, Michael often explores collaborative processes, interpersonal connection and aspects of positive psychology.  Recent ongoing projects include motivational art pop music group Thank You Rosekind, initiated in 2009,  along with creative pedagogical research initiated through the Philly Public School.  To learn more about  Michael's work please visit

Joel Chartkoff has played music and performed in numerous cities including New York, London, and Philadelphia.  In addition to singing in Thank You Rosekind, he has sung and  played keyboards and
percussion in several other bands including  2nd. Opinion in collaboration with lyricist and photographer Erica Baum. Chartkoff also has extensive experience in acting and movement work, including one recent fifteen-minute conceptual mini-musical about plums called Plum Tree Country (Up A Plum Tree), which was presented at various venues around Philadelphia.

Calpin Hoffman-Williamson is a music producer and audio engineer. His recent compilation of West African field recordings I Have My Liberty! Gospel Sounds from Accra, Ghana has received positive coverage from outlets such as, PopMatters, and The Wire. He is currently based in Brooklyn where he records, produces, and mixes a variety of records and other sound things.

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